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Lauri Shape & Color Sorter

From basic pegging to the challenges of sorting by shape and color, little ones love this time-tested favorite. Inviting, chunky, colorful shapes—bumpy on one side and smooth on the other—slide over the wooden pegs on the sorting board. The Shape & Color Sorter promotes finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination and sorting skills. Lauri crepe rubber is bright, durable, soft, latex-free and washable!

Circles, squares, triangles, hearts, and stars! Little ones will delight in their ability to sort and stack these colorful, spongy shapes on glossy wooden pegs. The Shape and Color Sorter helps preschoolers and kindergartners learn the essential skills of hand-eye coordination, shape and color recognition, and sorting. Brightly colored and fun to touch, the 25 crepe rubber pieces are nearly indestructible. In fact, this set exceeds standards set by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.


  • Sturdy foam shapes onto the wooden pegs
  • Not the cheap (and unhealthy?) plastic that you see so much of these days in the big retailers.
  • It is a great toy for hand eye coordination. It is also great because the blue mat is flexible/chew-able, as are the shapes.
  • The colors are vibrant and the texture is really soothing too!
  • These are a great size for our little ones fingers.
  • Keeps the kids occupied for a long time as young as 15 months.


  • The pegs pull out of the base very easily so it’s hard for the kids to use.
  • Wish It was a little bigger overall and the pegs were part of the base.



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