Buzz Blocks Game

What’s the BUZZ in your family these days? Take family game night to a whole new level with Buzz Blocks. Kids of all ages (6-106) will come together for hours of fun with Buzz Blocks. The game engages minds, challenges fine motor skills and creates excitement with the roll of the dice and never before seen challenges! Can you successfully meet your challenge and stack your blocks for the win?


Superior Bundle

When you order Buzz Blocks, you will receive a Superior Bundle that includes:

  • 54 black and yellow colored blocks (30 of which are challenge blocks)
  • two number / color dice
  • a sleeve stacker with game rules and challenge instructions
  • all packed into a sturdy, convenient container

Premium Packaging

The sturdy Buzz Blocks container allows for easy transport. You can carry it anywhere with confidence – no lumpy, messy bag to handle or flimsy container that will smash! Easy Storage of Buzz Blocks is key to easy game set-up – Stack it in the sleeve, Pack it into the container, and it’s ready to play for next time!


Challenge Blocks

Buzz challenge blocks bring the game to a new level of competition! Catchy challenge names such as:

  • Buzz Color
  • Double Trouble
  • Gotcha
  • Livin’ On The Edge
  • Tag, You’re It

engage your critical thinking skills as you decide how to complete your challenge without knocking down the tower. You have opportunities to save yourself or challenge your opponent, which inspires healthy competition…and lots of laughs!

Sleeve Stacker

The sleeve stacker serves a dual purpose:

  • it allows for easy set-up: you can stack your play tower using the sleeve right side up or upside down
  • features game rules and challenge instructions for quick reference



STEM Learning

Buzz Blocks encourages STEM learning outside of the classroom by encouraging experimentation, trial and error, and critical thinking. No tower is ever the same, the possibilities are endless!

We Care About Our Customers!

  • Lead Free Certified
  • Passed Flammability Test



Fun Filled Group Challenge Games!

Buzz Blocks moves the family from disengaged individual activity (screen time, TV viewing or social networking), to a more engaged and interactive time for the family to really be present with one another, thereby reinforcing the important of real-world interactions, teamwork, problem solving and communication.

Buzz Blocks is a perfect family game night, kids parties, couples game night, classrooms, corporate team-building, college orientation groups and so much more!

Are you ready to create a Buzz? Order your Buzz Blocks game today! Find us on Amazon.


Tips and Recommendations for more creative play!

There’s never just ONE way to do anything, if you think about it, there are always many different paths up a mountain or several different ways to attain the same goal. We feel that this is also true with games…there are many different ways to have fun with one game! We’ve developed some new ways you can creatively use your Buzz Blocks, to attain the simple goal of having FUN!

    1. Dominoes – Stack them like dominoes and watch them fall!
    1. Memory Buzz – Collect the challenge blocks. (Important note: remove one Grand Central, one Wild Buzz, one Odd Ball, and one Livin’ On The Edge to ensure even play). Lay the 26 Challenge blocks out challenge face down. Take turns choosing two blocks at a time, trying to get a match. If you match them, pick them up and take another turn. If you don’t make a match, replace them challenge face down and memorize where they are!
    1. Buzz Blocks 7 – Place all 54 blocks challenge face down. Roll the dice and choose a block based on ONE die (color OR number). Turn over the block to determine your points earned. First player to earn 7 points WINS! Keep your block.
      • Blank block = 0 points
      • Buzz Challenge block = 2 points
      • Wild Buzz Challenge block = 2 points
      • Any other challenge block = 1 point
      • Any block that matches a block you’ve already pulled = 1 point in addition to points earned for that block.
      • EXAMPLE: 1st turn pulls a Buzz Block = 2 points. 2nd turn pulls blank block = 0 points. 3rd turn pulls Tag You’re It = 1 point. 4th turn pulls Buzz Block = 2 points PLUS 1 point for matching block. 5th turn pulls Gotcha = 1 point. Total points = 7 points. You Win!
  1. Stack Attack! It’s like reverse Buzz Blocks – Object is to build your tower higher and stronger than your opponents. If yours stands taller longer, YOU WIN!
    • Place all 54 dice challenge face down. Roll the dice and choose a block based on ONE die (color OR number).
    • Pull a Challenge block – lay it flat
    • Pull a blank block – place it vertically
    • Play continues as players alternate turns until one tower falls down
    • Stacking rule: each time you stack a block, it must start a new layer by being placed on top of the block below it. (ex. two vertical blocks cannot be placed on one horizontal block; likewise, two horizontal blocks cannot be placed side by side.)

Are you ready to create a Buzz? Order your Buzz Blocks game today! Find us on Amazon.


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