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Talented & Gifted Toys


There are so many speed cubes available today that it is easy to lose overview. Today I am here to clear-up any issues you might have. Hey guys this is the buzz on the talented and gifted 3×3 Rubik’s cube toys.  I am here to share the  latest and greatest 3×3 speed cubes and finding out which one’s the best for you.

When looking for the best speed cube there are really four things you need to consider:
First the basic info

  • How much does a cube cost
  • How Big is it

Second the turning

  • How fast is the cube
  • What does the turning feel like

Third lockup prevention

  • Does catching occur
  • How is the corner cutting

Last but not least, the Design Flaws

  • Is popping or corner twisting an issue

Well some attributes have become standard and there is personal preference involved. Each cube has its own specialty. That is why I have thrown these modern speed cubes to compare.

Below are the cubes for the beginner, intermediate and advanced speed cubers.

Rubik’s Cubes for Beginners

YJ Yolong

The YJ Yulong mechanism has been mostly adapted from the YJ Chilong, but it features minor adjustments that allow sticker-less variants to be produced.  Opposed the simple mechanism for good performance. It is smartly fast as a strong crispy feel and prefers on par corner-cutting. What sets this cube apart is amazingly cheap price. That makes the YJ Yulong a great cube for beginners who are just turning out with speed cubing. The performance is solid but the price is awesome.



Dayan Zhanchi

Next up we have the Dayan Zhanchi.  It defines as all-rounder.  Not extraordinary on any category but good all around. The turning is controllable. Not too fast for slower cubers. Eye equipped corner cutting 45 degrees with some force.  Lockups don’t occur too often. Popping and corner twisting can also happen but not very frequently. You can’t go very wrong with this cube.  It works well for beginners and world-class speedcubers alike. Well it is totally on par with current cubes Dayan Zhanchi is a must-have on every collection and great choice once your a bit more serious into cubing.

Rubik’s Cubes for Intermediates

Fangshi Shuangren V2

If you’re an intermediate cuber, there’s a wide range of speed cubes that will work well for you.
Let’s take a closer look at the Fangshi Shuangren V2.
It has a nice dry, scratchy feel that is enjoyed by many. Corner cutting is okay. Great normal cutting but lacking in reverse cuts. The Fangshi has just one major issue and that is overshooting. Its turning is extremely fast causing to overshoot very often. This makes lockup and catch especially in combination with the lacking of reverse cutting. Well the feel makes you want to love the cube you can’t get a consistent solve on it and you only pick it up rarely.  Well on each population of cubers would absolutely love it, many others especially beginners and intermediate speed cubers won’t be satisfied with Fangshi Shuangren.

Moyu Weilong

However there is one cube that most of you especially intermediate and advanced speed cubers would love; The Moyu Weilong. It is fast but moderately controllable. Corner cutting is good and works with ease. Has a phenomenal crunchy smooth feel that many enjoy. Lockups and catches can occur but only rarely. The cube is very stable. Popping is not a problem even especially for the faster cubers out there. This cube is just amazing and i would highly recommend it. You can get the version 1 or version 2 or even the mini version is just a personal preference. The version 2 is just a bit smoother and less crunchy and mini version is good for small hands and in one-handed solving. The differences are minimal. It just depends on what you like.

Rubik’s Cubes for Advanced

Moyu Aolong

You thought that Moyu would have achieved perfection with the Weilong but you are proven wrong. Yes there is only one true best and that is the Moyu Aolong. It has the best corner cutting we have ever seen. More than 45 degrees with ease and a feel that we personally cant get enough of.  It silky smooth mixing with crispy elements when turning quickly. Moyu Aolong is very fast so fast that only very advanced speed cuber will be able to handle it.  Does come with its own batch of flaws too.  Corner twisting can happen.  This cube can be rough and sloppy at times causing to lock up.  The Moyu Aolong is undoubtedly the best that shows new possibilities in hardware. The combination of feel, speed, corner cutting and not too many lockups allow for absurd turn speeds.  It’s the cube that the world class speed cubers will use and many others too. They will also be uncontrollable for a wide audience of slow or even intermediate cubers.

Whatever choice you make though getting the right cube is only half the story. Don’t forget the other half you have to do yourself. Breaking it in, lubing, adding tension, and more.

We have hope we have helped you in picking what cube you should buy. Good luck and happy cubing!!!


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